White Woman Criticizes Other White People For Cutting Off Racist Family Members — ‘Whose Problem Are They Now’

In general, it can be difficult to have a conversation about anything delicate like racism,

 especially when it involves family members. However, the difficulties it presents make such discussion even more vital.

Unfortunately, these types of conversations frequently result in contentious arguments and hostility between family members or other close friends,

which can cause people to discontinue ties. 

 If the end aim is to finally educate and destroy old racist attitudes,

 it may not be in everyone's best interest to shut off communication, especially if you are white.

 While it is natural for one to take time and space away from these kinds of circumstances.

Alina-Gene Lee, an influencer and anti-racism activist, discusses the drawbacks of completely cutting ties with racist family members or friends in a video response to a TikTok remark. 

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