Top 10 Best Budget Travel Destinations of 2023

Bali offers affordable accommodations, breathtaking beaches, and vibrant culture. Explore temples, surf the waves, and indulge in delicious street food.

Bali, Indonesia

Lisbon boasts affordable prices, historic charm, and delicious cuisine. Wander through cobblestone streets, visit ancient castles, and savor pastries.

Lisbon, Portugal

Medellin provides a mix of affordability and excitement. Enjoy its lively atmosphere, explore botanical gardens, and take cable car rides.

Medellin, Colombia

Vietnam offers budget-friendly travel with delicious street food, stunning landscapes, and rich history. Cruise through Halong Bay and visit bustling markets.


Krakow's affordability meets history. Explore the medieval Old Town, visit Auschwitz, and enjoy traditional Polish cuisine without breaking the bank.

Krakow, Poland

Greece combines history and beauty on a budget. Visit ancient ruins, lounge on pristine beaches, and savor Mediterranean cuisine.


Mexico City offers rich culture at a low cost. Explore historic sites, indulge in tacos, and experience vibrant street art.

Mexico City, Mexico

Morocco's exotic charm is affordable. Wander through colorful markets, ride camels in the desert, and stay in riads for an authentic experience.


Budapest boasts stunning architecture and thermal baths at reasonable prices. Cruise the Danube, visit Buda Castle, and soak in the Széchenyi Baths.

Budapest, Hungary

Romania offers a unique and affordable European experience. Explore medieval castles, hike the Carpathian Mountains, and savor traditional dishes.


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