To Anyone Who's Been Laid Off, I Know How You Feel

I cycled through the five stages of grieving during the week I was fired.

Denial and shock would give way to rage, which would subsequently give way to melancholy.

There was a lot to take in. And I can only say that I have reached the acceptance stage now, a few months after the layoff.

I still experience anger, despair, and astonishment, but they are no longer as strong. Instead, 

 I have been concentrating on rediscovering my career goals and searching for such opportunities.

Although I might currently be at the "acceptance" stage, that does not guarantee that it will not alter. Grief is peculiar in that way.

We frequently have feelings outside of the five stages, so I do not think most of us go through the five stages in that precise order

 And even if I do not experience the other feelings—such as rage and sadness—it does not imply they were not justified ones.

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