The September New Moon Will Stress 3 Zodiac Signs.

With retrograde season bringing déjà vu, we'll all need cosmic help adjusting to fall, whether we're enjoying the last warm days of summer or proudly wearing our large sweater.

Altruistic Virgo has a new moon on Sept. 14 at 9:40 p.m. ET (6:40 p.m PT). While this lunation helps us organize.

the three zodiac signs most affected by the September 2023 Virgo new moon will face some challenges first. No matter your sign, putting your life together isn't always easy.

Lunar cycles restart every 29.5 days with new moons. Astrologically, they provide new beginnings and prospects.

Traveling through Virgo territory gives us a sense of control, especially in daily life. (Think: perfecting your beauty routine, optimizing your commute, clearing your email.)

Leo, reconsider that buying spree. Feisty fire signs are prone to hasty financial decisions. Quinn states, “Virgo energy won't be forgiving of frivolous spending.


Libra, you've been thinking a lot, and this new moon may add strain. Prepare for rough love as Virgo's rigorous intensity forces you to unravel mental worries. Clarify your needs and priorities now.


Aquarius, you can release what? Quinn says, “This new moon is asking you to clear out [what you no longer need] so that you can experience the abundance of newness.” Consider your greatest goals and growth.


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