The 3 Luckiest Chinese Zodiac Signs in Love September 25–October 1, 2023

Even a mundane day may be magical with patience and joy.

Snake, Rabbit, and Ox will benefit from this energy this week. The rest of us have something too.

Snake starts with nothing and moves. This week's love energy for you. Presently, endless possibilities bless you.


Which road will you take? Will fear make you waste this good energy? Will you be brave and tell your loved one?

Staying with the wrong person won't change them. This week's love luck will be a soul-call to pay attention to your relationships.


All relationships—romantic or platonic—impact everything. So, surround yourself with trustworthy people.

Ox, your love luck this week is amazing! This is luck's traditional definition. In the next few days,


your love life may seem to move smoothly as if the universe has given you a secret concierge service.

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