September's New Moon Will Bless 3 Zodiac Signs

Because our lives are currently being disorganized by six planets in retrograde, let's take use of the special manner that new moons inspire us to prepare and arrange.

On September 14, 2023, at 9:40 p.m. ET (6:40 p.m. PT), the September new moon will rise in analytical Virgo, temporarily gifting us the earth sign's sharp mind.

Although this lunation may feel frantic in terms of logistics, it will be more of a calm time to rest for the three zodiac signs least impacted by the new moon in September.

Reduce your intense planning and increase your attention to self-care.

The changeable earth sign Virgo gives us all versatility. This will help you through retrograde season's curveballs, which will be plenty.

Aries, this new moon is about self-care, so grab your bathrobe and best face mask. Try counseling, jogging, meditation, and more beyond your bathroom cabinet.


The new moon fills Gemini's heart! Altruistic Virgo reminds you to lean on your friends during difficult retrograde season. Having difficulties expressing yourself?


Virgo, you're being watched! Enjoy your season and celebrate your year-long progress. “Right now is a time to reap the rewards,” adds Quinn. Your future seems good.


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