September 22, 2023: Three Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes

It's good until we have to apologize for being too sensitive to handle the situation. Today's events are intriguing.

Moon square is a concern for three zodiac signs on September 22, 2023. Neptune, today's primary transit, makes us hypersensitive.

When times are tough, you realize you're alone in your feelings, and you've learned to retreat to a comforting haven.


The world is cruel today, and you feel like if you do 'the typical stuff,' you'll get drawn into negativity.

Capricorn, only you know how dark stress can get for a dedicated worker like you. Today is tense to the max.


You'll be OK with alone time. Your love partner's loving guidance is unnecessary today.

What bothers you today is that nobody seems to realize that you must de-stress your way.


When you refuse to accept their orders, they gaze at you with resentment. Not what you needed!

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