On Sept. 21, 2023, 3 Zodiac Signs' Love Fears Come True

Today, September 21, 2023, will teach us to ignore our 'voices' and keep going. We stress over everything and drive ourselves crazy.

Moon square Mercury today is at the heart of all our worry and fear, and half of what we think about is 'psychological rubbish.'

Cancers are known for being stuck in their heads, which can be harmful.


On this day, you'll revert to your old tendencies and overthink things until you want to hide in front of a TV.

You'll dislike today's Moon square Mercury transit because you want calm.


You would always prefer being loved and at peace with everyone in your life—who wouldn't? You'll realize on September 21, 2023, that your partner doesn't love you.

That the person you've had a crush on for ages doesn't like you is something you don't want to face.


During Moon square Mercury, this reality will emerge after you've evaded it for a long.

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