On 9/23/2023, 3 Zodiac Signs Find Peace.

Today, the director of your heartbreaking love life would say, "That's it. Today is the end of sadness.

It no longer serves us, and three zodiac signs will say 'enough is enough.' Finished, people. Let go of the past and start healing on September 23, 2023, the Autumn Equinox.

You loved someone more than yourself and committed yourself to them so completely that you felt like a ghost when they betrayed you.


You felt that this person took everything and nothing was worth it. You're wrong—you learned a lot from being heartbroken.

You've realized that you can control the grief you've carried for years, and even though you don't like to acknowledge it,


you're the one who breaks your heart even when the person you love is gone.

Beating a dead horse. It seems like you've done that for years. The one who injured you? You've kept their hurt alive for years,


but they've never thought about you. Your own pain sustains you. You're alone onstage since they departed the theater long ago.

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