Effects Of Jupiter And Mercury Conjunction In Astrology

What transpires when two opponents choose to set aside their differences and work together? 

 Jupiter and Mercury are engaged in a conflict that dates back to the formation of the stars. First off, 

a Jupiter and Mercury conjunction occurs when the two planets decide to put their competition aside and become near.

What adjustments or difficulties has this Mercury-Jupiter conjunction brought into your life? 

Does it give you superhuman strength and intelligence? or places a variety of obstacles in your path? However, 

 we will offer you a slight hint: Your intellect, communication, and destiny are all centered on this Mercury-Jupiter conjunction. 

 Prepare to delve deeply into this additional component of astrology known as the Jupiter and Mercury conjunction so you can discover what changes or difficulties are knocking at your door. 

Let us first learn about the energies and vibe of these two opposing planets before learning about the Jupiter and Mercury conjunction. Being the planet of intelligence and communication, Mercury 

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