An Astrologer Names 5 Zodiac Signs Who Are Easily Embarrassed

Some people are extremely graceful when it comes to handling embarrassing situations.

If they slip on the sidewalk, fumble their words, or dump a Diet Coke all over a restaurant table, nobody seems to notice.

They don't go red; they just laugh it off and carry on. But for the signs of the zodiac that are prone to embarrassment, incidents like these destroy their day and stick with them forever in their memories.

Taurus, your sweating is particularly embarrassing at work. “Associated with the earth element, your fixed nature can make you quite sensitive to criticism and judgment,” explains Lima de Charbonierres, making even courteous words unpleasant.


Cancerians should expect post-party hangxiety. Moon-ruled water signs love to express their emotions, but they're scared to share too much. Remembering what you did and said the day after a party is cringe-worthy.


“Virgos, ruled by Mercury and associated with earth, are naturally organized and meticulous,” says Lima de Charbonierres. This meticulousness normally works in your favor, but it makes you feel embarrassed when things go wrong.


Many Libras are humiliated. Lima de Charbonierres says air signs are hyper-aware of social relations and how easy things might go wrong. As Venus rules you and the scales represent you, you cherish harmony and balance in all your dealings.


Pisces, a sensitive water sign, will always be embarrassed by others. “Ruled by Neptune, the planet of subtle connection and imagination, your intuitive nature makes you highly attuned to others' feelings,” explains Lima de Charbonierres.


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