3 Zodiac Signs May Date Exclusively On September 22, 2023

We enforce the law while Moon sextile Saturn is home. We no longer play around in this relationship.

We must establish clear norms and speak them. On September 22, 2023, we won't passive-aggress.

You don't know where you stand, so you're not about to let your romantic connection continue,


'as is' Are you together or simply a fling with little chance of a long-term relationship? Moon sextile Saturn on September 22, 2023, will make you want to know.

You presume that if someone is in a relationship with you, they want to remain faithful and dedicated forever.


You want nothing less, but you've never discussed it. It was only 'assumed' that you were exclusive,

You can't do anything without one, and love relationships must be entirely committed or they can end.


You take advantage of Moon sextile Saturn on September 22, the last day of Virgo season.

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